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Coffee with.... Pascal Arien & Lieve Dekeyser - Tielt Winge (BE)

Coffee with.... Pascal Arien & Lieve Dekeyser - Tielt Winge (BE)


1st Nat. Limoges 15,500 birds 2021

1st Nat. Souillac 4,500 yearlings 2021

1st Nat. Souillac 4,100 birds 2021

Do you need an introduction to this record holder in provincial victories, national victories and ace pigeons at the highest level? 2021 was in any case a crowning glory to the work with a unique 2 national victories in a day with two pigeons, how many can say that?

As a developer of the chaos system, still improved every season, in combination with a sophisticated feeding system, possibly way ahead of its time on the competition. National ace pigeons and victories as the main goal, especially in the second part of the old pigeon season peaks, reserved for few.

In Tielt Winge, the Matador mixtures and various Backs products are on the menu. In the short run it's Super Start with Turbo Extreme. Once the middle distance and long distance races appear on the agenda, a switch is made to Athletic, Super Racing and Turbo Extreme to fill the energy tanks for top performance. The Detox mixture with Ocean Gold plays a prominent role in the recovery, in order to 'clean up' the racing team in a short time for the next major assignment.

Team Matador wishes the Belgian top partnership much more success, and we look forward to the next top performances in 2022.