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Under the microscope at ... Aldert Hiemstra

Under the microscope at ... Aldert Hiemstra


The moult is almost finished and so we head to De Westereen for the annual check in Aldert Hiemstra (Almar Products). He is the “brain and developer” behind the Backs “TKK Nature” and “Backs balance” products. 

In addition to regular research into known diseases, Aldert also conducts further research into the correct absorption and digestion of food. In addition, he uses the microscope to visualize the consequences or cause of the development of unwanted pathogens, on which action can be taken.

Almar Products is a company of Aldert Hiemstra. He develops products for humans and animals. Aldert Hiemstra makes realistic use of everything nature has to offer.

Through years of experience in microscopic research, Aldert Hiemstra has come to the conclusion that there is a new way to improve animal health. There should be a balanced ratio of all the necessary gut bacteria, creating a natural balance.

Products are developed on this basis to promote animal welfare.