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Coffee at..Sabrina Brugmans & Stephan Machiels, Halen (BE)

Coffee at..Sabrina Brugmans & Stephan Machiels, Halen (BE)


The sun has not been seen in the north for a while, so let's see if it still comes through the clouds with our southern neighbors. Unfortunately, also on the border of Belgian Limburg no sun in these last days of January.

Fortunately, Stephan does have hot coffee at the kitchen table in Halen. Listen carefully to one of the fastest rising stars of the Belgian pigeon sport with a great hen system. Looking for the details that make the difference, systematic approach with great pigeons. And as Stephan himself points out, a pinch of luck.

A great season in 2020 that was rewarded with a 1st National Championship in the middle distance, plus the 1st national ace pigeon shorter middle distance. In this season the Matador system was applied with Premium Super Start, Super Vlieg and the Turbo Extreme, in addition to mixtures from fellow pigeon feed producers.

In 2021, it was full throttle again and no fewer than 2 national victories were celebrated. The old birds won a 1st Nat. La Soutteraine raced against 8400 pigeons, where the youngsters won the 1st Nat. Argenton against 23,000 pigeons meant a huge award. In 2021, his favorite game with youngsters was fed the Matador Racing Young Pigeons Hot for a large part of the season.

On behalf of team Matador, we wish Stephan and Sabrina a great 2022 season, on to the next national victory.