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Premium Super Breeding

Premium Super Breeding

Premium Super Breeding is a new mixture without equal. Where most breedingmixes show a shortage of the key amino acids methionine and lysine, Premium Super Breeding is a feed with a complete amino acid pattern. This makes for a perfect raising of your future champions, and is therefore unique.

In addition Premium Super Breeding has an optimal ratio of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. That feature creates a silky plumage and optimum memory capacity. Overall it is a magnificent feed with many up standard qualities, and should be fed several times a day until nothing remains to get the best result. The breeders and their youngsters will show a very healthy appearance, and no other products are needed besides grit and minerals. 


Raw protein 16,3%
Absorbable protein 8,7%
Raw fats 11,9%
Carbohydrates 49,9%
Raw fibres 7,4%
Kcal 3578
Omega ratio 2,8 : 1