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Premium Boarding Mix 4 kg

Premium Boarding Mix 4 kg

When you hear the final 'Boarding' call at an airport, you know you have to leave. Just before departure you can just eat something. This also applies to our racing pigeons. Especially on very hot days and for the youngsters (heat and stress in the baskets), Matador has put together a mixture which is ideal for the day of basketing. The last meal before your favorites go into the basket. The Boarding mix contains a lot of polished round rice. This rice absorbs a lot of moisture, which is indispensable on very hot days. In practice we see that the pigeons absorb much less water immediately after the race. Because of this advantage, more of your racers will appear on the results. In addition to the enormous moisture absorption, the mixture contains many slowly absorbing carbohydrates. This allows the pigeons to fly longer at a higher speed. The Boarding mix is also a very energy-rich mixture and is particularly liked by your pigeons. Of course you can also use it as motivation after training.


Raw protein 14,2%
Absorbable protein 8,0%
Raw fats 15,3%
Carbohydrates 49,2%
Raw fibres 7,9%
Kcal 3690
Omega ratio 3 : 1