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Latest News

Latest News

Mark Turner Corby Northamptonshire had a very good season wu┬░ith his youngbirds

Mark Turner  Corby Northamptonshire
My first young bird season after not racing for more than 15 years, with a discipline of only young bird racing with a team bred from my direct Stefaan Lambrechts, Berlaar Belguim.
The results were achieved with racing a very small  8-15  young bird team, one week sending only 8 birds, and achieving 1st 2nd Federation against 614 birds also with the greater disadvantage in racing to one of the unfavourable positions in the Federation!!.
Always following the Matador program through the breeding & racing season.
Federation - Mid Northants
Club - Corby South Road -
(3 bird clocking rule)
6/8/17 - Newbury 73 mile 1,2,3 Club
2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Fed 812 birds
12/8/17 - Salisbury 106 mile 1,2,3 Club
14,15,16,17 Fed. 576 birds
26/8/17 - Purbeck 140 mile 1,2,3 Club
8,9,10,11 Fed. 471 birds
2/9/17 - Newbury 73 mile  1,2 Club
1,2 Fed 614 birds
9/9/17 - Salisbury 106 mile 2nd Club.

Super: congratulation with the nice results!


Willem Mulder
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