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Premium Athletic

Premium Athletic

Most fanciers race sprint and middle distance from 60 - 350 miles. Then this modern racing mixture is your best choise. For racing, the milage isn´t the real key factor in feeding, but the hours on wing is a more interesting indicator. For the Athletic feedingplan the amount of energy needed has been the leading factor. This means that the mixtures used, will provide the right amount of energy needed, nothing else has to be added. The system is complete. Premium Athletic contains the highly valued perillaseeds and milk thistle seeds. Perilla seeds are a natural inflamatory especially for the intestants, and a natural anti-oxydant. The natural resistance will be improved and the seeds ar rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Milk thistle seeds are well know for it´s liver protective properties. It takes care of an optimal fat metabolism and contains the highly valued omega 6 fatty acids.


Raw protein 14,5%
Absorbable protein 7,5
Raw fats 9,2%
Carbohydrates 56,0%
Raw fibres 5,9%
Kcal 3326
Omega ratio 3,5 : 1