Matador Pigeon Feeds

Premium Detox

Premium Detox

This mixture contains a high percentage of milkthistle seeds. Milkthistle has a great reputation for use in combating liver and gallbladder disease. Also a lot of perillaseeds have been added, in order to create a mixture with a well balanced omega ratio of 2.4:1. Besides a clean Liver the pigeons can expect smooth and shiny feathering and perfect breast muscle colouring. Premium Detox is adviced to be used: 7 day cure after the moult and breeding season. 7 day cure prior to the racing season. After the use of medicines or vaccinations. During the racing season 1 - 2 days after a race and after the use of too many products.


Raw protein 11,9%
Absorbable protein 4,6%
Raw fats 8,5%
Carbohydrates 52,8%
Raw fibres 11,5%
Kcal 3127
Omega ratio 2,4 : 1