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Premium Complete Plus

Premium Complete Plus

Simple and effective. The mixture is all the way and a little more complete and is therefore also called Complete Plus. Many fanciers will say, isn't there already such a mixture? Yes that's right. But there will come a time, when after all the experiences with this mixture, you also have to get an update. An improvement, therefore, although it is not easy. So what has improved? The share of maize has been slightly reduced, the round rice increased. This keeps the slowly absorbing carbohydrates intact. But the moisture absorption is increased. That matters because the summers are getting hotter. The omega values have also been improved from 5.1 : 1 to 3.5 : 1 and has a slightly higher fat content.

What is this mixture most suitable for? For fanciers who find a feeding system too difficult and who are mainly looking for simplicity. For people who have little time. For fanciers who work in shifts and whose children or the wife sometimes have to take over the feeding. So for a very large target group of fancier. And? does it perform well? Many enthusiasts have already proven that they can achieve top performances with this. You can hardly make mistakes anymore.


Raw protein 12,8%
Absorbable protein 6,9%
Raw fats 8,4%%
Carbohydrates 57,9%
Raw fibres 6,1%
Kcal 3374
Omega ratio 3,5 : 1