Matador Pigeon Feeds

Premium Sprinter

Premium Sprinter

This high on carbohydrates mixture is especially developed for real sprint racing 60 - 150 miles. During these short distance races the expenditure of carbohydrates (glycogen) is very important. A pigeon can develop a maximum speed during the expenditure of glycogen. Premium Sprint is especially developed with long working carbohydrates (amylopectine) so the pigeons can race at their maximum speed for a longer period. This gives them the lead they need to win top positions. This mixture also contains limited protein, to prevent oxygen-charges to occur.


Raw protein 11,7%
Absorbable protein 6,5%
Raw fats 4,7%
Carbohydrates 64,9%
Raw fibres 3,7%
Kcal 3242
Omega ratio 5,6 : 1