Matador Pigeon Feeds

Young pigeons HOT

Young pigeons HOT

Summers are getting hotter and drier. Matador therefore adapted, tested and improved the existing mixtures especially for young pigeons, fitting for the changing circumstances; Young Pigeons HOT. One mixture suitable for youngsters from weaning up to and including the young bird races (80-350 miles): - Due to less maize in the mixture, less heat is developed in the body - The addition of polished round rice keeps a lot of moisture absorbed into the body. A balanced protein ratio ensures that the youngbirds remain sufficiently hard in the muscles. A mixture that ensures that the intestines work more efficient (intestinal peristalsis), the better the nutrients offered are absorbed and the less chance of youngbird disease.


Raw protein 12,8%
Absorbable protein 6,9%
Raw fats 7,4%
Carbohydrates 59,0%
Raw fibres 5,9%
Kcal 3295
Omega ratio 3,7 : 1