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Premium Super Start

Premium Super Start

Recovery mixture especialy for fanciers who demand more from their racers when it comes to training and weekly middle distance racing. Also very suitable for areas with often strong head winds. When you road train your birds more and more, a different diet is needed to support them with the best. Premium Super Start has been designed for just that cause. It is a light mixture which takes care of a fast cleanup of the intestants. This cleanup makes that the right nutrients will be absorbed more easily, which ensures a quick recovery in the first days after the race. Different to most other recovery mixes, Premium Super Start contains a high percentage of fats and high absorbable proteins plus high percentage of fibres, to give your racers a perfect start of the week.


Raw potein 14,2%
Absorbable protein 8,1%
Raw fats 11,8%
Carbohydrates 52,3%
Raw fibres 8,6%
Kcal 3543
Omega ratio 4,9 : 1