Matador Pigeon Feeds

Premium HE

Premium HE

This High Energy mixture was developed specifically for extreme long distance racing (500+ miles). Premium HE can best be given during the last 4-5 days prior to basketting, in combination with Premium Marathon. In that way, you provide your distance racers with lots of energy needed for those long hard races with many hours on the wing. It is adviced when racing natural, to place a feedingpot with HE next to the breedingbowl, so the pigeon sitting can keep eating untill basketting. HE is available in 12,5kg bags.


Raw protein 16,5%
Absorbable protein 9,8%
Raw fats 20,3%
Carbohydrates 40,9%
Raw fibres 9,3%
Kcal 4028
Omega ratio 6 : 1