Matador Pigeon Feeds

Super Moulting

Super Moulting

After many studies, Matador succeeded to develop a unique moulting feed which is totally complete. Due to the right amount of methionine and lysine in this mixture, which are the most important amino acids. These 'natural building stones' are necessary in order to obtain an optimal plumage and good health. Premium Super Moulting also has a fatty acid pattern with the correct ratio of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. This creates a stronger immune system and reduces the risk of diseases. Next to the many seeds which are rich in fats, Premium Super Moulting also includes a high percentage Perilla. Perillaseeds contain many omega 3 fatty acids and is therefore a very welcome addition. Your pigeons need less food because of the percentage of absorbable protein being very high. The pigeons will display super soft feathering and will endure a formidable moult.


Raw protein 15,4%
Absorbable protein 8,0%
Raw fats 12,5%
Carbohydrates 49,8%
Raw fibres 8,0%
Kcal 3429
Omega ratio 2,6 : 1